Autodesk CREFTS room record example

Autodesk CREFTS: How we use locations

November 9, 2018
By Jessica Smith

Pre-configure locations to help users file more informative tickets, help vendors find the correct room, and enable reports.


When a user types in a pre-configured room name or room number in the location field, suggestions will appear for them to pick. Picking a room in the system will associate the ticket with that space.


Asset records should list the asset location. When a technician or vendor needs to find an asset, they can easily look up the room.

Viewing the room record

When you examine a room record, you will see the associated tickets, assets, and scheduled tasks. With this information, you can see which assets are in the space as well as what has been happening in that place. If there are several tickets in the same room, in a short amount of time, and with the same category, i.e., Mechanical, that may indicate a problem. You can view the list of tickets associated with that room to determine the best course of action.


With reports, you can see what is happening in each room. For example, in our larger offices at Autodesk, the facilities team spends a lot of time on events. Looking at the tickets per room, we could see that events created the most work. This information was used to plan what types of spaces to add during the office expansion.